Microwave Review - Vol. 7, No. 3, December 2001



Cover page

From the editor’s desk

Recent Developments in RF Front Ends Based Upon Active Antenna Concepts 
    J.Frederick, T. Itoh
Antena Solution for Future Communication Devices in mm-Wave Range 
    A. Nesić, D. Nesić , V. Branković , K. Sasaki , K. Kawasaki
Recent Advances of Hybrid Planar/NRD-Guide Technology for Millimeter-Wave Integrated Circuit Design
    K. Wu, I. Cassivi
On Microwaves Radio Networks Performance Parameters
    T. Palade 
High-Q MEMS for Wireless Integrated Circuits 
    V. Lubecke , B. Barber, L. Fetter
Silicon Chips for GSM Base Station Receivers
    O. Borić-Lubecke, J. Lin, P. Gould
Direct QPSK Modulator for Point-to-Point Radio Link at 23 GHz
    B. Jokanović, S. Stojanović, M. Perić
Genetic Algorithm-based Parameter-Extraction for Power GaAs MESFET
    Y. Gao
Synthesis of Cascaded N-Tuplet Filters
    N. Yildirim, O. Sen , Y. Sen
Small Sized Microstrip Filter for Receiver-Indicator of GLONASS+GPS
    V. M. Vladimirov, S. N. Kulinich, Yu. Y. Shikhov, P. L. Podgurskiy
Electromagnetic Field of Coaxial Lines with Axial Slit in a Tunnel, in a Enclosed Bridge or in a Mine Pit
    D. Veličković, D. Zulkić, S. Ilić 
Minimizing EMI Caused by Radially Propagating Waves Inside High Speed Digital Logic Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) 
    F. Gisin, Z. Pantić-Tanner 
Calculation of Electromagnetic Field inside a Wire Structure in a Pulse Field of Lightning Discharge 
    V. Javor
Report of the TELSIKS 2001 Conference



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