Microwave Review - Vol. 29, No. 2, December 2023

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Editor-in-Chief: Scanning the Issue

A Low-Profile Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna with Simple Configuration

Muaad Hussein, Haider Alrudainy, Wazie Abdulkawi, Ahmed Alieldin, S. Alshamrani

Millimeter-Wave Broadband Antenna: A Review and Current State of the Art

Sneha Tiwari, Srikanta Pal

3D Electromagnetic and Thermal Behaviour Analysis of Magnetic Flux Leakage Transformers Using Finite Element Method

Hamid Outzguinrimt, Mouhcine Lahame, Rajaa Oumghar, Boubkar Bahani

Effect of Progressive Phase Excitation on Tunability of Rectangular Patch Array Antenna Printed on Synthesized LiTiZn Ferrite

Dheeraj Kumar, Naveen Kumar Saxena, Bhoopendra Singh

Open Stop Band (OSB) Removal Techniques for SIW-Leaky Wave Antenna: A Review

Akash Mishra, Tanuj Garg, Vivek Arya

Study on Effects of Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation on Pollen Grains at Sub-THz Frequencies

Md. Faruk Ali, Sudhabindu Ray

Antenna for Cognitive Radio Applications - A Review

Prem Nath Suman, Gajendra Kant Mishra

The Road Ahead of 6G: Exploring the Future of Wireless Connectivity

Teena Raikwar, Prem Nath Suman, Rakesh Kumar Chandan, Gajendra Kant Mishra, R.K.Rusia

An X/Ku-Band Series Feed Center Fed Shared Aperture Array Antenna for AIR-Borne Synthetic Aperture Radar Applications

Praveena Kati, Venkata Kishore Kothapudi

Modelling and Designing Wire-Grid Sparse Antennas Using MoM-based Approaches for Enhanced Performance and Reduced Cost

Adnan F. Alhaj Hasan, Manh Tuan Nguyen, and Talgat R. Gazizov

Report of the 16th TELSIKS Conference

Biljana Stošić, Zoran Stanković, Nebojša Dončov

Report of the Women in Microwaves event

Biljana Stošić

Report on Serbia and Montenegro IEEE MTT-S Chapter Activities in 2023

Biljana Stošić

Call for 11th IcETRAN Conference 2024

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