Microwave Review - Vol. 16, No.1, July 2010



Cover page

Editor’s Note

Discrete-Time Network and State Equation Methods Applied to Computational Electromagnetics

    J. Russer, Y. Kuznetsov, P. Russer

Modelling of Wide Band Combline and Interdigital Filters

    A. Abramowicz
Electromagnetic Interference and Start-up Dynamics in High Frequency Crystal Oscillator Circuits

    U. L. Rohde, A. K. Poddar, R. Lakhe

A Novel Broadband Power Amplifier Using ATI

    U. L. Rohde, A. K. Poddar, B. Bhat, M. Gurunathan

Corona Discharge in Microwave Devices: A Comparison of Ionization Rate Models

    E. Sorolla, M. Mattes

FDTD and Ray Optical Methods for Indoor Wave Propagation Modeling

    L. Nagy

Report on ICEST 2010 Conference

    C. Mitrovski, B. Milovanović, R. Arnaudov

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