Microwave Review - Vol. 14, No. 2, December 2008



Cover page

Editor’s Note

Analysis of DVB-T Reception Results Using a Slight Steering Technique of the Antenna Radiation Diagram

    V.S.G. Tsiafakis, Y.J. Petropoulos, C.D. Lampiris, C.N. Capsalis

On Throughput Analysis of an Adaptive Error - Control Scheme in Satellite Networks

    V. Vuković, R. Vojinović

Analysis of metamaterial unit cells based on grounded patch resonator

    V. Radonić, V. Crnojević-Bengin, B. Jokanović

Synthesis and Analysis of Reduced-Size Branch-line Hybrids

    M. V. Nedelchev, I. G.Iliev

Automated Power Sensors Calibration up to 26.5 GHz

    P. Rakonjac, B. Milovanović, N. Dončov

Report on the Main Chapter Activities from September 1, 2007 to August 31, 2008

    B. Milovanović

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