Microwave Review - Vol. 11, No. 2, November 2005



Cover page

Editor’s Note

Microthermal and Isothermal Biological Effects under Microwave Exposure

    A. Vander Vorst

Non-thermal Biological Effects of Microwaves

    I. Belyaev

General Material Models for Electromagnetic Field-Tissue Interaction

    T. Benson, C. Christopoulos, D.W.P. Thomas, J. Paul,S. Greedy, P. Sewell, D. McKirdy, A. Vuković

The Results of Experimental Exposition of Mice by Mobile Telephones

    D. D. Krstić, B. J. Đinđić, D. T. Sokolović, V. V. Marković, D. M. Petković, S. B. Radić

Information Theory and Electromagnetism: Are They Related?

    S. Loyka

Software for Interference Consideration in a Network of Digital Radio-Relay Systems with Plane Reflectors

    P. Jovanović, M. Perić, D. Perić, Z. Mićić, N. Pupavac, B. Radan

Wireless Communications Education: A Guide to Important Topics

    L. D. Olavarrieta

Report on IEEE MTT-S Chair Chapter Meeting

Report on the TELSIKS 2005 Conference


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