Microwave Review - Vol. 9, No.1, September 2003



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From the Editor’s Desk

Professor Aleksandar Marinčić
Semi-Analytic Models for Photonic Circuits
    T. Benson, A. Vuković, P. Sewel
Design Advances in PCB/Backplane Interconnects for the Propagation of High Speed Gbit/s Digital Signals
    F. Gisin, Z. Pantić-Tanner
Optimization of Optical Receiver Parameters for Pulsed Laser Tracking Systems
    Ž. Barbarić, L. Manojlović
Decoupled Region Hybrid Method for Solving Propagation Parameters of Coupled Fibre Waveguide
    P. Odry, A. Marinčić
A New Class of Electromagnetically Coupled Printed Antenna Arrays 33
    A. Nešić, D. Nešić
Simultaneous Measurement of Frequency and DOA by Frequency Scanning Array
    N. Candan, A. Hizal, S. Koç 
Multichannel Amplifiers with the Injection of Second Harmonics into the Amplifier and Predistortion Circuit 
    Đ. Budimir, N. Maleš-Ilić, B. Milovanović, M. Tomić
Microwave Circuits Based on Six-Port Junction
    B. Jokanović, A. Marinčić
Analysis of Real Feed Probe to the Resonant Frequencies and Field Strenght in the Cylindrical Metallic Cavity Using 3D TLM Method
    B. Milovanović, A. Marinčić, N. Dončov, V. Marković, J. Joković, A. Atanasković
Profesor Marinčić's Contributions to the Development of the Department for Communication and Signal Processing
    V.Milošević, D. Bajić, V. Šenk, M. Despotović, V. Delić
Traces made by Professor Marinčić in Niš
    V. Marković , B. Milovanović

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