Microwave Review - Vol. 29, No. 1, July 2023

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Editor-in-Chief: Scanning the Issue

A Balloon Shape Monopole Super Wideband MIMO Antenna for THz Applications

Sachin Agrawal, Prabhat Kumar Soni

High-Capacity Transmission with Dual Polarization M-QAM Levels Based on DWDM Technique for Wireless Networks

Fellag C. Abdennour, Borsali A. Riad, and Rouissat Mehdi

Compact Ultra-Wideband Multilayer Patch Antenna with Defected Ground Plane for Ku Band Applications

Kiran N. Patil, Mownika T. Raj, Chethana K. A., Ajay K. Dwivedi, Nagesh K. Narayanaswamy, Vivek Singh

Synthesis of an Antenna System with Frequency Scanning

Islam J. Islamov, Murad M. Jahangirov, Namik M. Shukurov, Simnara R. Ahmadova

A Comparative Study on Efficient MIMO Antennas in Wireless Communication 

Hemalatha T, Bappadittya Roy

Report of the 58th Edition of ICEST Conference

Nebojša Dončov, Biljana Stošić, Zoran Stanković

MTT-S student scholarships/fellowships for 2024

Call for 31st Telecommunications forume TELFOR 2023



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